The Brand


Melanated Beautie was created to encourage women to embrace their true selves in every form. I want you to know that you are a Cutie on Duty, whether you're rocking your natural curls, a bomb weave down your back or a sexy pixie cute. Own your beauty and never forget to encourage the next woman to do the same. Over here at Melanated Beautie, I encourage, uplift, inspire and support women. Sis, know that, YOU ARE A BEAUTIE!

About the CEO

Hey Beautie,

I am Danelle McNeil, owner and CEO of Melanated Beautie. I was born and raised in the heart of Baltimore, MD. As a child, throughout my teenage years and well into my adulthood, I struggled with my appearance. Most close to me knew I hated my petite size and felt like an ugly skinny girl, if my hair wasn't done. As I navigated through my adult life, I began to see things differently. I realized, I am beautiful no matter my size or what style I wore my hair. Now my goal is to help other women love on themselves as well. I absolutely love to see other women embracing their beauty and succeeding in life.